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It’s most definitely that time of year (thank God!) but getting yourself beach ready (when the weather has been pretty cr*p until recently) isn’t always the easiest. Whether its a family holiday, a destination wedding or a get away with the girls (or boys), with picture perfect instagram photos everywhere, you might begin to wonder where the prep ends?

Skin Prep

Obviously number one in my book, this is key to surviving a holiday without breaking out or hyperpigmentation taking over my entire face.

  • Make sure your basic routine is working for you (if you’re not sure it is, or you’re pretty sure it is not, you can always book in for a consultation).
  • I always boost my use of the anti-pigmentation ingredients in my routine up until the week before, to try and minimise the uneven skin tone, and hopefully feel happy to go make up free on holidays.
  • A light peel about a month beforehand can be a great way to target pigmentation, acne, breakouts and congestion and get your skin glowing before your holiday.
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Body Prep

I’m not big on getting nails, lashes etc done because I use Revitalash daily, so I never need the extensions (plus, they annoy me because I rub my eyes far too often) and I have major commitment issues to nail colour, so I’ve never gone for shellac etc. However, getting my skin beach ready is very important to me! Dead skin cells, ingrown hairs and rough skin on my feet are all the things I focus on instead.

  • Body exfoliation – anyone who has been to my clinic knows I detest scrubs, and advise potentially scrubbing your feet with any of them that you own, if you really feel you must use them up instead of throwing them out. Instead, I use either Ameliorate Transforming Body Lotion or this dupe from Nip+Fab morning and night for one month before, and stop one week before holidays. This will evenly exfoliate off any rough or dry skin, get rid of ingrown hairs and keratosis pilaris (chicken skin on the back of your arms) and leave you with baby soft skin. PLEASE NOTE that you may burn more easily, so it is really important to stop using this a week before you head away, and to be as vigilant with your sunscreen on your body as you are with your face.
  • Defuzzing – as you chose and as you need it, laser obviously needs a bit more prep time as you can’t laser with any kind of tan, real or fake so winter time is a better option. Any waxing would be advised a few days before because obviously skin will be sensitised, and sweating/hot temperatures/heavy exercise should be avoided for 48 hours after.
  • This foot mask made it onto my favourite masks list and for good reason, it is magic for getting rid of all that manky dead skin on your feet, and definitely more of a budget option than a full pedicure. I have found them in Avoca and Sephora, but I’m sure there are other places to get them too.
  • I am not a shellac nail gal, number one because I enjoy doing my own nails, but also because many places use a light to set them, and have you ever thought about the UV damage you are exposing your hands/feet to for no necessary reason? One of the first medical grade skincare reps I worked with had the most beautiful skin I have ever seen – the girl literally could have tried to sell me anything, and I would have fallen for it, I just wanted to follow her exact routine and everything she advised. However, one thing that stood out to me was her love of getting her nails done, and I am not even vaguely exaggerating when I say her hands looked at least 15 years older than her beautiful face. It really drove home the damage you are exposing yourself to with UV lamps. So although the evidence linking skin cancer and rising rates of nail cancer (yes, that is a thing) to UV nail lamps is controversial at the moment, it it has scared me away from ever having my nails set under a lamp, regardless of how easy it would make maintaining perfect looking nails. There are other options, but my favourite hack when it comes to doing your nails yourself, is this topcoat from Nails Inc. It dries in 45 seconds (minimising that all important “scuffing” time) and gives a shine that allows varnish from Penny’s to compete with Chanel.
The Daily Glow | Vitamin C and Skincare

“Extra help” prep

  • Supplements: my favourite in the run up to a trip, event, holiday etc is the liquid chlorophyll supplement I’ve spoken about before. Not only does taking this everyday encourage me to drink more water, but I find it helps with bloating and detoxing (something which always comes in useful in the summer, what with more nights out, ice creams and gigs/festivals).
  • Botox: many of my patients (including me!) like to have their botox nice and fresh for a holiday, but it is something that takes a little bit more planning than you might expect. Botox itself can take anywhere from 7-14 days to kick in, and you cannot fly for 72 hours following injections, as the difference in air pressure can cause diffusion of the product and side effects that you don’t want (like a drooped eyebrow!). With that in mind, I would always advise treatment about a week before flying, or if it is your first time trying botox give yourself about 3 weeks to ensure you have time for a review and possible touch up before jetting off.
  • Injectable glow: this is an ideal treatment prior to a big event like a wedding or holiday, as it has minimal downtime (no issues with flying). Tiny amounts of hyaluronic acid (plus vitamins and minerals, depending on product) provides your skin with a deep-down hydration boost, creating that dewy glow that everyone wants. I advise this a couple of weeks prior to flying, if you would like to see some results while you’re away, but it is a treatment that can be performed just before you head off, if time is tight.
  • Lip fillers: another popular ask, just before flying off, you need to give yourself plenty of time with this one! Due to the higher risk of bruising relative to botox treatment, I would advise treatment at least one month before any event or holiday. I review patients two weeks after treatment, when all swelling has settled and any adjustment can easily be made if required. Flying for two weeks following filler treatment is not advised, and therefore giving yourself a full month from the first treatment allows everything to settle perfectly. Please note that sun exposure can be associated with lip fillers (and sun beds…but surely none of you are doing that?!) and you must wear sunscreen on your lips following treatment.

I think I have covered anything I may actually be able to help with or advise on, but I would love to hear from you if you any questions, suggestions, if you would like to pop in before your holiday!