• Dr Jennifer Owens

    Dr Jennifer Owens BDS, MSc

    Jennifer is a qualified dentist, aesthetic medicine practitioner, makeup artist and yoga teacher. She has years of dental aesthetic, orthodontic and aesthetic medicine experience, and an MSc in Aesthetic Medicine from St Barts.

    She is a member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine and a trainer in injectable treatments in COSMED Aesthetic Training Academy. This allows her to assess and treat in a holistic manner, and achieve natural results, tailored specifically to each patient.

  • Lauren Owens

    Lauren is passionate about the impact that diet has on skin health, having suffered severely from acne herself in the past.

    She has a BSc Hons in human nutrition and dietetics with extensive postgraduate training in IBS and FODMAPS. She is also a certified makeup artist.