Anti-wrinkle and muscle relaxing injections

Commonly known as Botox, or anti-wrinkle injections. Expertly administered muscle relaxing injections can help smooth fine lines and wrinkles, slim areas of the face and give a refreshed, lifted and youthful look.

Anti-wrinkle treatment

Mainly administered in the upper face, these can smooth out the forehead and reduce excessive lines around the eyes, creating a fresh, bright eyed appearance.

Facial slimming

Over use of the muscles that are involved in chewing can cause them to become larger, and give a square, or wide appearance to the lower face. This can cause a female face to become quite masculinised, and even make a male face look out of proportion. Sometimes muscle relaxing injections can amend this and allow your face to return to its natural shape.

Lifting the jawline

A Nefertiti neck lift is achieved with a number of muscle relaxing injections to reduce the strength of neck muscles that pull the jawline downward. It can give a subtle lift, creating a sharper definition around the jawline

Muscle relaxing injections can also be used for the following:

  • Reduce excessive sweating (hyperhydrosis)
  • Remove bunny lines
  • Drop lip in a gummy smile
  • Reduce a downward turned mouth (mouth frown)
  • Reduce or stop teeth grinding