What type of consultation do I need?

A consultation forms the start of every glow patient’s pathway and is the essential foundation to ensuring you choose the right skincare, treatments and overall plan for you.  Uncovering your glow is not a “copy and paste” program.  It involves assessing your specific concerns and working with you to identify the best ways to tackle all of them.

A skincare consultation allows us to assess what your skin needs and check in with how your current routine is working for you.  Healthy skin is the base upon which your dream skin is built.  A lot of us can have skin that is tired, dull and lacklustre, with larger pores, uneven tone and texture.  These are all signs of aging and skin that is a little out of shape.  You can think of your home care routine as your fitness regime for your skin – there’s not much point heading straight to the fancy stuff if you haven’t got the basics right.

An in depth consultation will explore all of the options open to treat your concerns.  We promise to only perform treatments that we believe will enhance your natural appearance and leave you looking younger, healthier and happier.  This is how you stay looking like you, just refreshed and glowing – most certainly not “done”.

Facial asymmetry, teeth clenching + grinding (bruxism) and other jaw related issues are a particular passion of mine. Muscle relaxing injections (botox) can be an excellent adjunct in treating these conditions. A good history is essential in these cases, and we can talk through this along with the options that may be suitable for you in a virtual consultation.

- Dr. Jennifer Owens

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If you are ready to book your aesthetic treatment virtual consultation, or in-clinic treatments as an existing patient, then please read the following information first.

For Health, Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy or Hair Loss treatment consultations and appointments, please contact us.

All appointments require a prepayment to be made. Appointments may then be cancelled or rescheduled where a minimum of 72 hours notice has been provided.

Where this notice period has not been provided the prepayment will be lost.

Appointments are subject to availability until paid and confirmed.

Booking an appointment implies agreement to our terms and conditions which can be found here. Please read these in full prior to proceeding.

All consultations are currently virtual.

You may have treatment at the location that suits you best.







Asymmetry, facial pain and bruxism consultation

Many patients are referred to our clinic for treatment related to facial tension, teeth clenching and issues concerning their jaw shape and function. Issues like this are frequently long-standing, and an in depth look at your history is very important. During this consultation Dr Jen can discuss the possible options for your particular case, along with the risks involved in any procedures that may be of benefit to you. The cost is €65, with €15 redeemable against any treatment you may book in for in the following 3 months.



Skincare spotlight*

As the name suggests, this 30 minute consultation focuses on your skincare and what you use at home on a daily and weekly basis. Dr Jen will run through your current routine and discuss how it could be improved to target your skin concerns.  You will be sent a skincare plan to your phone and email inbox, with a link to your own tailor made portal on Get Harley. This consultation is €40, with €15 redeemable against products bought through your exclusive GetHarley portal.


*please note, there is not enough time in this session to discuss treatment options too. If you would like a more in depth assessment of your skin concerns involving diet and lifestyle advice or treatment options, please choose the option below.


In clinic consultation and treatment with Dr Caoimhe

You can now book straight in for a consultation and treatment (if suitable) with Dr Caoimhe in our Dublin clinic only. Caoimhe is an expert in botox and is also passionate about skin health. Anti-wrinkle injections, wow fusion, SkinPen microneedling or an Obagi radiance peel can be booked online, subject to availability.



In depth consultation

Good skincare and healthy habits are the foundation for any in clinic treatment.  An in depth consultation with Dr Jen is for anyone that is interested in treatment in clinic, or feels their skin concerns are a little bit more serious than just “what cleanser should I be using”.  This longer consultation gives more time to really assess what may be an issue for you, as well as the creation of a full treatment plan.  This consultation is €65, with €15 redeemable against product or treatment.