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Those of you who know me well ( and even not so well) have probably heard (and become quite sick of) my ever-present adage to wear sunscreen daily.  Some of you seem to be following this mantra, and with great results.  However…a summer of spf 50 on your face (and neck, if you’re really conscientious – this skin is more delicate than that on your face) can leave you looking like the rest of your tan is fake…very unfair if you got your glow in a safe and genuine manner.

So what’s a gal to do?  Forgo the sunscreen?  (Not  worth the wrinkles, a white face is much easier to hide!)  Go to town on the bronzer? No, my friend – this can leave you looking caked and powdery, (and like one of Willy Wonka’s employees) and will not show up in photos as the flash will pass straight through and find your true colours.  (SPF in your moisturiser, primer and foundation can also contribute to a glowing white face in photos – the flash will reflect off any physical sunscreen agents.)

Has daily sunscreen left you with a mismatched face and body?

Fake tan on the face is a tricky realm, with pitfalls galore – so below I’ve outlined some ways around them below.


  1. St Tropez Everyday

Similar to the original “Johnson’s” daily moisturiser with a hint of tan in it, St Tropez is my go-to for this as it has less of an oily residue and a nicer smell (very important).  The St Tropez Everyday comes specifically in a “face” type, which seems to have a lighter texture than the one for your body.  It comes in light/medium and medium/dark shades.  Apply with a tanning mitt, unless you enjoy orangey-stained nails – I find the mini one for the face best, and easy to bring with me when travelling.

This is the simplest answer to the white face, but oilier skin types be warned – it can cause blocked pores with daily use.  I find this works best for me in the winter months when my skin is drier, and every second day is sufficient to prevent me looking like the walking dead (I use the darker one for less frequent application).

How to fix a hint face - The Daily Glow

2. Clinique Face Bronzing Gel Tint

The original Clinique flash bronzing gel was reformulated about 8 years ago, and unfortunately has become much trickier to use.  This newer version takes a bit of getting used to – like the clutch when your driving someone else’s car, you may conk out a few times at the start.  It is quite thick, and stains the skin immediately (once again, tanning mitt territory, and may be easier with the full size one for easier blending – you’ll have to see which works best for you).  Not great if you’re currently experiencing a breakout, as it will cling to rough patches and dry spots, and make them more obvious.

Alternatively you can mix this with your tinted moisturiser/foundation, or apply it over that and your concealer – which is the best option if you’re not having a clear skin week.

Benefit have brought out a liquid version of their beloved Hoola bronzer, which won’t quite give you the same deep glow as the Clinique gel but it is much easier to use – and just like the power form, hasn’t got the slightest orange tinge to it.



3. Changing up your base

I wear a tinted moisturiser from Laura Mercier most of the time – but I always have two colours in my make up bag for mixing as needed.  The lighter one matches my skin in the depths of winter, while the darker one only really blends in when I have a tan.  Mixing them together to go lighter or darker for the rest of the year works pretty well, and means I don’t need have 5 foundations on the go.

why you should wear sun cream

How have you found wearing SPF daily, have you noticed a mismatched face?  Or is it mainly in photos that it becomes obvious?