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Dr. Jennifer Owens of ‘The Glow Clinic’ has spent the most part of her career following this statement to create the perfect, holistic approach to help all of her patients maintain a healthy, liveable lifestyle while also achieving the outside look they strive after.

With extensive training in the aesthetic field, she is well versed in advanced techniques. Contouring of the lower face and facial pain related to bruxism are particular interests of hers, along with profile balancing and treatment of acne and melasma. She continues to add to her expertise with regular conferences through BAAMED, International Master Course on Ageing Science, ACE and the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

Within all this training and education Dr. Jennifer has mastered the perfect approach to almost all skin care and aesthetic treatments and has channelled all this into her very own clinic ‘The Glow Clinic’ on Mount Street, Dublin City. The focus of the Glow Clinic is to improve the lives of every patient that steps through the door. The Glow Clinic’s passion is “the glow”. You know those people who seem to glow from the inside out? How do they do it? What’s the difference between them and someone who’s technically healthy, but appears slightly grey and flat? The Glow Clinic is here to answer all those questions and help everyone achieve these results.

Everyday Dr. Jennifer works to help people find their glow. “I believe that when you’re happy and healthy on the inside, it shows on the outside. Luckily, I’ve found that most things that contribute to this inner glow also lead to beautiful, radiant skin.” Teaming up with GetHarley, Dr. Jennifer has developed the most efficient process of skin care consulting and perfect results! The GetHarley process starts with an online consultation with Dr. Jennifer, where she discusses your worries, goals and the process to get there. She then will recommend different products and these are put into an online basket and then delivered to your house in 3-5 working days! All this happens without you even leaving your house! Dr. Jennifer also offers the same service as an in-person consultation for those who would prefer this!

Dr. Jennifer’s quest for glowing skin began when she was a teenager and began to develop a number of skin sensitivities including acne and eczema – that seemed to become progressively erratic as she got older. Dr. Jennifer also has many patients with digestive disorders, skin complaints and stress-related problems and she finds alternatives to any life-long treatments or medications and instead finds more liveable lifestyle changes, where she can. Dr. Jennifer has discovered how subtle lifestyle changes and diet choices can leave a lasting impact and change your whole life.‘I practice yoga daily and have recently become a certified yoga teacher. This has been life changing for dealing with the stresses of a hectic schedule and skin that sometimes just refuses to behave.’