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Cutting back on dairy, despite the benefits my skin has experienced, has not been easy.  I have always been a big chocolate fan, and custard, crème brûlee and ice cream are up there with my favourite desserts.  So although I definitely still indulge in the odd milkshake or dessert, for the most part I avoid it – which has been helped by experimenting with dairy-free recipes.

Oat milk is the best replacement for milk in tea and coffee that I’ve found, especially this one (thank you Russell, you did say it was a game changer) from Oatley.  I like almond milk in porridge, with cinnamon and berries, and coconut yoghurt practically tastes like dessert.  I’ve found a few recipes online that do actually taste as good as dairy based ones, and can be a bit less expensive than health food shops.

Dairy Free Recipes | The Daily Glow

  • Homemade coconut yoghurt from The Little Green Spoon – one of the best websites to check out if you’re looking for baking options without dairy, gluten or processed sugar.
  • This panna cotta recipe from Food Renegade, which I particularly like because it’s not sweetened with dates (is it just me or are all “healthy” desserts these days just a variation of date flavoured something? Date-flavoured banoffi, date-flavoured brownies, date energy balls…personally, I can’t take anymore dates).
  • Food renegade once again comes up trumps with this ice-cream, that doesn’t require an ice cream maker (what people expect you to have in your kitchen these days sometimes astounds me).
  • These raspberry jellies from the I Quit Sugar website are so easy, and full of gelatin – which is great for your gut health and skin, and could not be easier to make.  I use the same Collagelatin that I put in my bulletproof coffee every morning.

Dairy Free Recipes | The Daily Glow

  • And finally, the original Bulletproof coffee itself – not a dairy-free recipe but you could leave out the butter (as I mentioned before, butter doesn’t seem to count as dairy, as far as my skin is concerned) and this coffee has now become my regular breakfast.  A scoop of collagen protein (which I tried initially), or collagelatin, as above, really fills me up for the morning – and I don’t get any post-caffeine crash afterwards.  I definitely find my mental clarity is improved, and it can also be useful for anyone trying to shed some excess weight (so basically a magic drink).

Dairy Free Recipes | The Daily Glow

Have you tried a variation of any of the above?  I am always on the lookout for more recipes, so I’d love to hear from you if you have any you’d recommend.