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It’s Friday, January, and generally grey. Cocktails and nights out are a vague memory at this stage, so I thought I would share a “healthy” cocktail that includes chlorophyll, and won’t ravage your skin the way most sugary concoctions do.

A very experienced cocktail maker helped me put this together, as I was searching for something that was free from sugary mixers, wasn’t going to kill me the next day, and was little bit more interesting than my go-to vodka and soda water (nice and clean, but wearing thin now).

A relatively big ask, but he came through! See below for a recipe that will make Friday night more fun, and won’t ruin your skin, or Saturday morning (is it a stretch to say it’s goo for you if it includes rum?!)


  • 25ml Pampero Blanco (white rum, obviously omit for non-alcoholic cocktails)
  • 8-10 mint sprig
  • 1 quarter avocado
  • 20ml fresh lime juice
  • 10ml liquid chlorophyll
  • Fresh pressed apple juice


  • Muddle avocado, mint, fresh lime, chlorophyll and rum (this means press it against the side of the glass with a cocktail mixer – I asked, I know nothing about making cocktails!)
  • Top with apple juice (plus water to taste if you like)
healthy cocktail | the glow clinic

Enjoy your glowing cocktail and please tag me if you take a photo!