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Most injectable procedures are associated with downtime to some degree, but this will vary with the treatment and from person to person (eg. if you tend to bruise easily, you are more likely to bruise than someone who doesn’t have this tendency).

Certain medications can make you more susceptible to bruising and therefore increased downtime, but these should not be stopped without your doctor expressly advising to do so. Minimising the intake of certain foods that increase the likelihood of bleeding and bruising can be helpful and these are listed below:


  • Avoid alcohol, omega 3s, garlic, ginko biloba, salmon and other oily fish for 5 days prior to minimise the risk of bleeding and bruising.
  • Attending your appointment makeup free also reduces the risk of bruising (as removing makeup will stimulate the circulation in the superficial blood vessels and increase the likelihood of a bruise).
  • You can also take arnica tablets for 5 days before if you bruise easily
  • Ensure you drink plenty of water in the run up to your appointment so that you will be well-hydrated



  • Avoid touching your face after your treatment, and if you have had dermal fillers, please avoid makeup for 24 hours.  You can purchase Clinisept+ in clinic if you wish (antiseptic that is kind to skin, and what we will use on you in clinic).
  • Avoid heavy exercise, sweating and heat for 48 hours following your treatment.  This includes steam rooms, saunas and excessive sun exposure.
  • Avoid facial massage or facials for 2 weeks, unless advised otherwise.
  • Avoid air travel for 72 hours following anti-wrinkle treatment and 7 days following dermal filler treatment.
  • You can apply arnica and creams containing bromelain (pineapple extract) to minimise bruising.  You can also take supplements that contain these ingredients and have some fresh pineappple.
  • Please contact the clinic if you have any queries at all by emailing hello@theglowclinic.ie.