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It looks like masks are here to stay for another while yet, but that doesn’t mean your maskne has to too! ⠀
There are a few simple things you can do to help your skin:⠀

So many things that touch our faces on a daily basis can harbour bacteria – makeup brushes, pillow cases, our hands, our phones (just think about what it touches) and now our masks. If you’re having a major breakout, keeping all of the above as clean as possible is essential to help clear it up. So that is a clean fresh makeup brush and mask each day (think of them like your underwear!) and using some of those sanitising wipes to clean your phone. Hopefully that message about washing your hands has already sunk in after all these months.

When most of your face is hidden, do you really need your makeup?! Your skin has enough to be dealing with under that mask, so if you can skip it, it can really help (and your mask won’t be covered in makeup!). Some people find even coming to work makeup free and applying it at lunchtime or for their commute home can really help, and the makeup tends to look pretty crap after a few hours of mask wearing anyway (and obviously we have all given up on lipgloss).

If your job doesn’t require you to wear a surgical or FFP2 mask, then a cotton one, or even better, a silk one can be so much more gentle on your skin! Silk is far more hydrating and gentle on your skin, so much so that we have some coming into stock soon. Join our GLOW MAIL list to be the first to know when it arrives in store.

Both a deep cleanse and some barrier repair are needed here. ⠀
• Double cleanse PM, one step to remove dirt, grime, sweat, makeup and sunscreen. First step oil or balm, second step gel cleanser if you are breaking out. The Purifying Gel Cleanser from @alumiermduk is one of our favourites. ⠀
• The ACV toner loved by @thedailyglow_ is excellent for helping balance your pH after cleansing and can be adapted to suit your skin. ⠀
• Repair your barrier with the ultimate boost serum from @alumiermduk, Hydrate from @obagimedical or @cetaphiluk moisturiser. ⠀

And as always, if you’ve tried the above and you’re still tearing your hair out, you can always book in for a consultation with Dr Jen. Email hello@theglowclinic.ie if you have any questions.