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Dr Jennifer Owens BDS, MSc

I’m a cosmetic dentist and aesthetic injector, with an MSc in Aesthetic Medicine.  I am passionate about what I call “the glow”.  You know those people who seem to glow from the inside out?  How do they do it? What’s the difference between them and some one who’s technically healthy, but appears slightly grey and flat?  Everyday I work to help people find their glow.  I believe that when you’re happy and healthy on the inside, it shows on the outside.  Luckily, I’ve found that most things that contribute to this inner glow also lead to beautiful, radiant skin.

My quest for glowing skin began when I was in my teens and became frustrated with a number of skin sensitivities, acne and eczema  – that seem to become progressively erratic as I get older. I also have many patients with digestive disorders, skin complaints and stress-related problems. I try to find ways of improving all of the above without having to resort to lifelong medications.

I practice yoga daily and have recently become a certified yoga teacher.  This has been life changing for dealing with the stresses of a hectic schedule and skin that sometimes just refuses to behave.

Life is there to be lived.  I look for small adjustments to make my life easier, healthier and more enjoyable – and not miss out on all the fun.  The Daily Glow blog is (I hope!)a source of inspiration and motivation to help you find your inner glow if you find the daily grind a bit more troublesome than it should be.