Sleeping Beauty Christmas pack


A sleep set fit for a Princess, this includes a silk pillow case, a silk eye mask and 3 sachets of Forget About Age to ensure you glow your way through the party season  (even if you did actually miss out on a few hours of shut eye!).

Did you know that silk pillow cases are more hydrating for your skin than cotton ones? Silk also reduces the friction on your hair as you sleep (and maybe toss and turn!) and results in less frizz, and less hair breakage.  Blocking out light with an eye mask can help improve your sleep quality, especially if your bedroom is not quite as dark as it could be.  You may struggle to get enough shut eye, but a hydrating pillow case and eye mask can make sure you make the most out of what you do get!

And for those really crazy weeks, there is always the magic Forget About Age sachets, to wipe all traces of tiredness away, until you can catch up on your beauty sleep.



Eye mask

100% mulberry silk

adjustable headband

black, to block out the light properly (the other colours don’t quite cut it!)

Pillow case

100% mulberry silk

50cm x 70cm

envelope opening



Forget About Age x 3

Peptide that targets the same junction as botox, and kicks in within minutes.  Effect lasts for up to 8 hours, so it is the perfect “Cinderella” treatment for when time is short, and you missed your beauty sleep.  Read more about this amazing peptide here.

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