Skinade Liquid Collagen


Skinade is a drink that supports the skin all over your body.  It works from the inside out to rebuild and strengthen the collagen matrix below the skin’s surface, boost natural levels of hydration and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Christmas Sets now in stock!

Get an extra 7 days of travel sachets when you buy 30 bottles or sachets.  Limited stock available.


30 days worth of liquid collagen.

The ideal way to kickstart a healthy lifestyle, or compliment collagen stimulating treatments in clinic.

Choose from 30 sachets, 30 bottles, or a mix of both!

Contains marine collagen (from fresh-water fish), not suitable for vegans or strict vegetarians.  Ingredients include hydrolysed collagen peptides, vitamin B complex, MSM (organic sulphur), vitamin C, L-lysine and omegas 3 & 6.

Additional information


30 sachets of concentrated skinade. Add to a glass of water before drinking. Drink one diluted sachet a day, one hour separate to caffeine.


30 bottles of Skinade liquid. Drink one bottle a day, one hour separate to caffeine.

Half and half

Mix of bottles and sachets of Skinade liquid. Drink one of either a diluted sachet or a bottle each day, one hour separate to caffeine.

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