Bye bye tired eyes Package


Say goodbye to tired eyes with our silk eye mask and Forget About Age peptide serum.

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Say goodbye to tired eyes with our silk eye mask and a sachet of Forget About Age peptide serum to wipe those lines away.

Did you know that sleeping in a completely dark room is the best way to optimise your sleep? (A cooler temperature also helps).  Many of us struggle with this, with street lighting and varying schedules, but an eye mask is the cheat’s way to complete darkness.  A silk eye mask is the ultimate in comfort and luxury, and a game changer in the eye mask world.  Say goodbye to the itchy, uncomfortable eye mask you got free on the airplane, and hello to a soft, hydrating mulberry silk one.

Eye mask

  • 100% mulberry silk
  • adjustable headband
  • black, to block out the light properly (the other colours don’t quite cut it!)

Forget About Age

Peptide that targets the same junction as botox, and kicks in within minutes.  Effect lasts for up to 8 hours, so it is the perfect “Cinderella’ treatment for when time is short, and you missed your beauty sleep.  Read more about this amazing peptide here.